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If you saw anything Interesting during your visit to the park, please record it here.  We like to know when the first blooms, puddles, buds, hummingbird, fall colours etc. show up in the park.
There are [8] record(s) that meet your search criteria.

Details Date Time Sighting Comments Location Your Name Auto Image
Jan. 23 2008 10:02 am Squirrel Eating Bird Feeders Alex rnplogo2.gif
Jan. 23 2008 10:30 am Orange pylons Probably due to construction of the wildlife garden. board walk near bird feeders Alex NULL
Jan. 24 2008 11:47 am Chickadee Feeding bird feeders Alex NULL
Jan. 24 2008 Man Working Outside in the Wild life Garden area Alex NULL
Feb. 13 2008 Turtle Swimming in the pond east pond platform Alex
Feb. 13 2007 Pussy Willows around edge of park Kris
Mar. 10 2008 Water Strider Pond Bridge Janis
Mar. 10. 2008 Green Frog A big one. Pond Bridge Janis
Tuesday, April 29, 2021
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