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The Richmond Nature Park

Would you like to stroll though a paper birch forest? Spring along a spongy bog? Watch fowl of all sorts go about their business.  You can do this all on the trails of the Richmond Nature Park.

As you explore the park you will discover it is dominated by one distinct environment: the peat bog, a land of mossess, heaths, and shrubby trees.  The main factor maintaining this bog ecosystem is the boss moss, sphagnum moss.  However it faces stiff competition from birch and hemlock trees as they are transforming the bog to forest. As you visit the park you will enter a dynamic habitat - one that is continuously evolving.

Richmond Nature Park (click to be directed to the official city of Richmond website)

The Biodiversity of Richmond, British Columbia (Information on the natural history of Richmond)

Tuesday, December 11, 2020
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